Cowboys part one

Seems like ages ago but really one … um, three days ago (I think – it’s the dateline, and my damn watch which keeps changing dates just to confuse me). Our first couple of days were spent at the Embassy Suites in downtown Fort Worth. Very nice hotel in a good location with a very good complimentary breakfast a highlight including cook to order omelettes. It was busy with many Patriot fans in town for the football, which is in another post, but also very laid back.

It was also where we signed up with Uber – big thumbs up there. For instance no hassles, clean, polite, came exactly when it said it would, charged exactly what was expected and unlike the taxi from the airport it accepted credit cards without a grumble. Some good eating places here, easy to walk around and Sundance Square is a nice place to sit back and watch the world.

sundance square 2One of the nice things at Sundance Square was the fountain. One of those large fountains that shoot from the ground. During the day people are actually encouraged to run and play in the cool water but at night this is banned. Unlike the ones outside Crown Casino in Melbourne that was filled in because too many people were enjoying themselves.

Anyways, enjoy a few shots from Fort Worth and keep reading as there is more to come.



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