Just some old buildings

One of the special things about Chicago is that it is a bit of an architect’s dream location. There are so many styles and innovations, such as how to avoid buildings falling down in string winds and how to build a sky-scaper above the railway line. There are also some great condominiums and apartments and if you want to knock something down to build along the river, then you have to build a river walk for the people.

There are many different tours along the river, we took the one that is associated with the Chicago Architecture Foundation. We were not disappointed and nor did we have to wear a cardboard hat that other cruises gave their passengers. I would put this down as a should do if you ever visit the windy city (which it hasn’t really been, except for a few pockets as we came in for landing).

But one of the best parts of this tour, I didn’t have to walk – just sit, look, listen and drink a beer. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Just some old buildings

  1. Chappo says:

    Hey Jim,
    Still swanning about I see…!
    Think of us poor workers back at the VPC…big Hello from Moni and I…

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