Deep in the Heart of Texas

Enjoyed the complimentary hot breakfast – lacking a few of my favourites but it was nice to have eggs for breakfast. Then we spied the make-your-own waffles. Caroline gave it a go, even more exciting as the waffles were in the shape of Texas.

Texas waffle

Texas waffle

Unfortunately, when it came time to take a photo I had eaten the heart of Texas (note the quaint cutlery – plastic fork, real knife?)

Rest of the trip went well – Mrs Garmin kept sending me the wrong way but once on the Interstate it was an easy drive. A lot of trucks but the traffic flows and merges well (not like Melbourne where no-one knows how to drive on a freeway).

Hot Springs at the moment – just to break the drive – not quite sure why else we are here – that’s what the hotel guy said too – “You’re from Australia. What are you doing here?”

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