Goodbye Chicago – on to St Louis

Finally moved on from Chicago – well a week ago, and drove on to St Louis where I attended a dog trainers conference with International Association of Canine Professionals. More about St Louis but I better finish up with a Chicago summary and a few more pictures.

Really nice city to visit and easy to get around as it is a grid with a river and lakes. Saw no trouble but plenty of shopping and things to do. We made the visit up to the 103rd floor of the tallest building in the world – the Willis Tower – great views although Jim was not a fan of standing on nothing.

We stayed in a good area close to great food and shopping. Everyone was friendly and helpful and food was pretty good too. Chicago is an airport hub so if you travel to the States and you are wondering what else to do apart from New York and the West Coast, then go that little bit inland to Chicago. Our only issues were dumb-ass taxi drivers from the airport that don’t know how to or don’t want to use credit card (take cash if catching a taxi), and unfortunately our car was not ready but not really their fault at Avis as people were taking the cars to get home from the hurricanes (there was a lot of sport in town our weekend and people needed to get home).

Loved our trip to Wrigley Field and we went for a walk to an area where there is reclaimed railroad now known as the 606 walk – there’s a few pictures from that area. Subway was very simple, fast and not crowded. Our trip to the theatre to see Hamilton was a great night, and a definite highlight (although not planned to be as long as it was) was a tour and several beers at Lagunita Brewery – we have now visited both their breweries. Some photos of that trip included.


Jim’s shopping highlight was at North Face where you can buy a jacket for less than $200 that costs almost $500 in Australia (I checked) – even with exchange rate it’s still a bargain.

Another part of our visit was down at Navy Pier – go there because you should, do anything there if you feel like it – we just went for the walk. And talking about walking I do like that you don’t need to press the traffic light, they work automatically for pedestrians, who didn’t seem to care much anyway about waiting for the walk. No pictures of this one but the quick way they fix roads was amazing, there was an intersection just up from our hotel that required some work, like I’m talking major re-pavement. Was everything blocked, reduced lanes, low speed limit, take months to do – no, traffic kept going by someone just moving a couple of watches hats around to block a lane as needed and work was done in three days. I’d like to see that in Melbourne.

And after picking up our car we were off – just remember which door to get in and to stay on the right, and indicators are on the left stem. A nice Kia Optima which so far has been very good – filled it once – $30.

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