Thar’s Gators Out Thar

Kicking back at the swamp

The Atchafalayan Swamp is the largest in the United States and one of the highlights of this trip was to go on a swamp tour. And we did and it was a highlight.

The swamp area is not far from Lafayette at Breaux Bridge (parts of which are again quite historical – and we had excellent cajun at Cafe Des Amis). There are multiple swamp tour operators so we just picked one from the www (Cajun Country Swamp Tours) and it was good enough for us (great operators who do have a concern for the environment and are not there just for the tourist dollar).

We got to see several gators, bald eagles, heaps of other giant birdlife, turtles, trees, and swamp. Only ever having seen this kind of thing on TV before we loved it. We travelled in an open boat with about another 8 tourists – including the one you always get on the tour who knows more than the tour guide (the guy sitting behind us was all set to throw this guy off as gator bait). Sean, our guide, was great and really knew his stuff and the swamp. And all this to the sounds of gunfire off in the distance.

Lafayette area has some great food and some great swamp – if you go to New Orleans then make some time to head west as well. (Unfortunately we were out of crawfish season so never got to eat a bucket load of the boiled crawfish but we did eat plenty of them in other ways.)

Here’s a few pictures and I also took some video, which I will one day get around to loading up (maybe).

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