Petrol Drive-Off

Not sure why you’d not want to pay for your petrol it’s that cheap (around $3.30 a gallon – work it our for yourself) but I saw this on the pump when we filled up in Breaux Bridge. Interesting service station as attached was a casino (saw a few casinos but never went inside – maybe if the exchange rate was about triple what it is).

I do like the penalty but I also wonder how you could drive off without paying anyway as you either fill-up by swiping your card at the pump and never go inside to buy any of the specials or you go inside and leave some cash then go back and get your change – and some of the specials (and a six-pack :-)). Seems like a good idea but I couldn’t imagine our highly intelligent service station attendants figuring a system where they don’t have to jot down the regos of every car at the pump or ask if you’d like “chocolate – two for three dollar special”.

Anyways, we haven’t spent much on petrol and done about 2,300 mile – leaving plenty of money for all the important things like food and drink.

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