Go! Go! Go Horns Go!

One of the highlights of our trip and something we were looking forward to was going to a Texas Longhorns home game in Austin. We we were not disappointed.

This college football home game was like a grand final and this was just home-and-away. The Longhorns play out of University of Texas in Austin and we purchased the tickets back in August just to make sure we didn’t miss out. The stadium seats a little over 100,000 and while not at capacity there would not have been too many empty seats left – there were none up where we were (we were on the eleventh floor of the stadium but surprisingly still an excellent view and steep – luckily there are eleven flights of escalators to get you up there).

Apart from the pre-game entertainment and half-time and continuous battle of the bands the tailgate parties have to be seen. No photos of this but any vacant land (including nature strips) are taken up by fans who set up their marquee tents, smoker BBQs (these are not your weber but resemble a steam engine), eskys, deck chairs, generators, satellite dishes, and large flat screen TVs. This starts about three blocks from the stadium. It was amazing to see how much of a party atmosphere there is – this was an eleven o-clock game so I’d be guessing these fans turned up in the wee hours to secure a spot and fire up the smokers. It was amazing to see the satellite dishes and generators powering up the big-assed TVs (these were not your everyday portable, these were the things that take up half your wall).

As you get closer the crowd thickens (there are very few away supporters so everything was a sea of orange) and there are multiple freebies being given away (including the record, which makes a difference from the high prices we pay). Bag searches to get in then up the escalators (we had trouble finding the right gate to collect our tickets as I think they expect you to know where to go) and settle in.

Seats are benches with no backs but you can hire a cushion with back that fixes to the bench (or if a regular, you can purchase your own Longhorn cushion/back). Surprisingly, for a four-hour game it didn’t get uncomfortable (helped by the people in front of me leaving so I could stretch out). There is also no trouble and no drunks (alcohol is not sold, hence the tailgate parties) – there are also very few away team supporters.

UT won quite easily and interestingly the fans leave early, I’d be guessing so they could get back to the tailgate parties or closest bar. I never partook in any stadium food – burgers, popcorn, big-assed cokes, corn dogs and nachos seemed to be the food of choice and like here at inflated prices. Any time there was a break in play there was plenty for the sponsors, spectator competitions, there was a fly-over before the game and thanks to the crew afterwards, the ball was delivered by sky-divers, and there was even a special visit from a champion longhorn (the cattle variety).

If you are in America when a college game is on see if you can get a ticket – the experience was great (or just wander around the tailgate parties). Caroline has been to an NFL game but college won hands-down.

Hook ’em Horns!

3 thoughts on “Go! Go! Go Horns Go!

  1. SoJO says:

    Looks like so much fun! Really hope I can get to a game next year when the weather is a little cooler. They leave early so they can get out of car park. The longhorn steer is called Bevo.

  2. SoJO says:

    I am impressed by your orange tee.

  3. Liz says:

    Freddy, will be envious.

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