Conspiracy Theory

Room with a View

We finished our trip where we picked the car up from – Dallas. Not really sure what to expect but it was a pleasant enough place but I don’t know if there is a great many things to do without a car – we returned the car when we first arrived then had two days to fill without it.

Our accommodation again was excellent and we scored another upgrade to a room that had a full kitchen bigger than that at our old place in Ascot Vale, a lounge room and bedroom. Were we part of some conspiracy that was getting us such great accommodation or is the only conspiracy in Dallas that involving Lee Harvey Oswald?

The Grassy Knoll

The one place in Dallas you have to go is Dealey Plaza, stand on the grassy knoll, and visit the 6th Floor Museum at what was the Texas School Book Depository (now something else). This is where President John F Kennedy was assassinated on November 22 1963.

Looking up from the Dealey Plaza

The museum is really well done and moving – there was more than one person wiping away the tears. There are a lot of people visiting the area and standing on the grassy knoll. The actual roadway is quite busy so not too many risk standing on the road where an X is painted to take a photo back up to the window where Lee Harvey Oswald fired the fatal shots (or did he?). Like the Civil Rights Museum (see earlier blog re assassination of Dr Martin Luther King) you can see the window where the fatal shots were fired but you can’t stand at the actual window. You are not allowed to take photos inside but it is funny to see the people who lean up against the window camouflaging their camera (I did not take the risk).

JFK Memorial Dallas

Not far from Dealey Plaza is the old town (or should I say tourist town) Westend of Dallas, which seems to be restaurants in old buildings, the JFK memorial, and the old court house which is the old red building in the photos. As for the rest of Dallas we saw, there were some interesting old buildings amongst all these interesting new buildings, no-one on the streets (even on a weekday so it would appear you come to work then get locked in the office until time to go home), no traffic, and no shops. Unlike our major cities, downtown areas seem to be for working and nothing else, shopping is done in large malls (which we were taken to on our last day as we filled in time before flying out and very nice indeed).

Would I come to Dallas again – definitely to stay in the hotel we stayed at downtown (Magnolia) but only if I had a car (and was prepared to pay expensive parking rates).

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