I Haven’t Forgotten the Ratings – Clarksdale

Without tallying the results, it would be obvious we really enjoyed Clarksdale, which is summed up nicely in the previous posts – too lazy to link so search Clarksdale and find them for yourself (there are several to choose from).

It had pretty much everything we were after – surprising accommodation, good food, good music, interesting things to see – but one thing we weren’t after and that put a literal damper on our two night stay – real crappy weather.

On the map I have put markers for Tupelo (the birthplace of Elvis is worthy of a marker) and two markers for where we stayed in Clarksdale.

Accommodation – we had the pleasure of two nights at two totally different places that were so full of character. I’ve blogged about them before and I’d stay at both again, however, I think Shack-up Inn would be better with a group or at least a designated driver to get into town. But for a total score 4 out of 5 is great (I think if the weather was better, Shack-up Inn would have been better).

Food – this was surprising. We went to Rust which is downtown and the food was very good. Caroline enjoyed the wine and grits (not together of course) and there was some excellent cheesecake with a pecan crust). We also tried the local brew Lazy Magnolia (see the earlier post on this too). Naturally we had to try some BBQ at Abe’s (previously blogged) and as we stayed at Ground Zero we also ate there and thoroughly enjoyed the experience (and the fried hot tamales and fried green tomatoes). There is quite a bit of choice in Clarksdale from upscale to old favourites like Maccas (we did venture there for breakfast and enjoyed the people watching). Overall another 4 out of 5.

Activities – there is quite a lot to do here (even more if the weather was better). There are a couple of blues museums, good music stores, good drives to other interesting places, plenty of Blues Markers to discover – if you don’t really like blues music and old stuff then maybe there is naff all to do in Clarksdale. I suppose if you really got restless it’s not that far from Memphis. Activities we give a 3 out of 5.

X Factor – we didn’t know what to expect. This is a place that has a lot of character. We enjoyed the accommodation, food and entertainment. Another 4 out of 5.

Clarksdale scores a very impressive 15 out of 20. If you have any interest in the music or history, then you need to make the diversion from the mainstream and travel to Clarksdale.

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