I Should Never Have Started the Ratings: Lafayette

Okay, I’ve been a little slack of late but hey, at least I can strum a few chords on the guitar now, which is keeping my spare time occupied. I find it kind of relaxing and enjoyable – just like Lafayette.

We didn’t really know Lafayette but didn’t have the time to go to New Orleans ¬†as we were making our way West (maybe if we hadn’t been there before we would have found the time). And one of the things we wanted to do this trip was to see the swamps. So, Lafayette it was.

Nice pleasant drive down Highway 61 to Baton Rouge where pleasant suddenly changed to hang on and hope for the best. Called into one of the visitor centres, very helpful and friendly. We had a feeling we would like Lafayette. And we were not disappointed.

Accommodation – check back to the earlier post and you will see that the Buchanan Lofts were an absolute highlight of our trip. Could not be faulted, except maybe secure parking rather than an open lot, but still 5 out of 5.

Food – the only disappointment was that we were out of crawfish season so missed the pleasure of peeling and sucking but the food was very good. Some nice atmosphere and t-shirt from the Blue Dog, great creole at Cafe de Amis, excellent casual po-boys, cajun influenced sushi at Tsunami, and Caroline’s breakfast highlight at French Press. Nothing to disappoint here – 4 out of 5.

Activities – we wanted to see the swamp – we saw the swamp. Great time, great host. Also found the Acadian cultural centre interesting and the film of the settlement of the area and the Acadian people was worth the visit. But we are sure there would be plenty more to see and do, we just never got around to doing it so 3.5 out of 5.

X Factor – Lafayette was an X Factor. The swamps, food, bars (there were plenty to pick from), and plenty of driving tours. Lafayette scores a 4 out of 5.

Let’s go to the tally room – Lafayette is a winner so far with 16.5 out of 20.

And this is why it has taken so long to put this post up – it has taken me so long to make this very simple video of our trip to the Atchalayan swamp. The music is “Hey Mr Bon Ton” by Clarence ‘Bon Ton’ Garlow with Emma Dell Lee.

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