Who Tipped the Card this Weekend?

I thought it was about time I did a football post. The AFL season is coming up to bye weekend and nearing the halfway mark. I’ve always enjoyed the football tipping and over the years have won a few dollars – others years it was good to make up the numbers. But what I have done a lot of is actually running the tipping competition to the extent that my old workplace name their tipping competition after me – what an honour (even better when I won money from it last year). It’s great to be remembered for something 😀

Footy tipping is about the only gambling I get up to – except maybe the Aussie tradition of a small wager on the Melbourne Cup (the first time I was ever involved in that was in grade 3 at school in Tasmania and the Melbourne Cup was one of the years highlights from the nuns at the convent, so much so that the nuns got all us little ten year olds to spend lunch money on a ticket in the sweep – such an effect on me I can still remember buying the raffle ticket and everyone was excited about a grey called Gunsynd, which didn’t win but was still a champion horse).

I used to like the dream teams but this year there was just too much thinking and the only thing that this has changed in my world by not having a team is that I don’t watch as many games or keep up with the news as I have no invested interest in how other teams and players are travelling (last year I was in three different competitions with four teams – that is too much thinking and rushing to the computer to make last minute changes).

And now comes the football. Started with the traditional Friday night of beer, pizza and Foxtel. Great TV game of the Saints v the Tigers and unfortunately the Tigers won. I have a bit of a soft spot for the Saints as they were my first team -well, when we were in Tasmania and not betting with the nuns I barracked for New Norfolk who wore the same colours as St Kilda and I do remember watching the 1971 Saints v Hawks grand final on the black and white Pye. Then we came over here and the first game I went to was Carlton v Fitzroy at the still not yet completed Waverley Park (now a housing estate) and we went with one of Dad’s friends who was a mad Carlton supporter and he said they were the team to follow – they won that day, and also won the grand final so he was right, and I’ve followed the mighty Blues ever since (but there is still a little St Kilda in there).

Then came Saturday – no live football as Saturday is guitar day. The Cats did nothing special in beating the Giants, the Crows beat Freo, and the Hawks thumped the Roos with Buddy Franklin back on track with a very fine 13 goals including one with two seconds to go.

And then came Saturday night – more Foxtel, beer and noodles this time as it is okay to follow-up with beer but two nights of pizza is a no-go. The Blues were on the box and the Blues I think never left Melbourne as they got a pounding from the Power. A few Carlton players need a pounding, however, there are only a few players left as those like Bower do not count as players – they are in the same category as ex-Collingwood now Docker Jack Anthony who was once again subbed off (maybe for the last time) as he used his head to try and mark the ball when Freo were still a chance.

Carlton were doing that well that I switched over to see the final bits of the Demons hanging-on to beat the Bombers – now that was good for football and very satisfying.

And Sunday saw another satisfying result with the Lions coming from behind to beat the top of the ladder Eagles, the Swans thumping the Dogs who I think stayed in the Qantas lounge just like Carlton the night before, and the mortal enemy Collingwood won again against the Suns, even with Gary Ablett having a record equalling 53 possessions – wonder who will get the brownlow votes.

Looking forward to another Friday night of beer, pizza and Foxtel with Carlton up against the Cats. I should really go to this game but it is cold and if Carlton play like they have been then I won’t have the opportunity to switch channels or go to bed. 😛

One thought on “Who Tipped the Card this Weekend?

  1. Liz - Jim's Sister says:

    Jim although four years younger then you, I thought you barracked for Sandy Bay Tigers? I also thought your football highlights would have also included pie nights at St Lukes, and being a balloon boy at the VFL grandfinals?
    Can I expect you to be on my doorstop on Thursday night? Just a word of warning Perth has lovely stormy weather at the moment, we are expecting major storm like a category 2 cyclone tomorrow night…so the weather may just suit the blue boys.

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