We Got Pulled Pork and Ribs

We usually have a bit of a BBQ for 4th July and have a few friends over – only problem it is always absolutely freezing cold and even though the Egg has some heat it’s not the kind to keep you warm and huddle over. Anyways, a few of our regulars were away so we toned down the invite list and maybe will reschedule our USA night for some other day.

But it was still a good day to pull out the Egg and I sat in the carport watching it warm while strumming away – this is what came to my head as I strummed some slow 12 bar blues:

It’s cold out here … It’s cold out here …¬†And when the barbey’s done … grab yourself a beer … It’s cold out here

Pulled pork and ribs … pulled pork and ribs … and when the barbey’s done … grab yourself some bibs … pulled pork and ribs

Soft buns and slaw … soft buns and slaw … and when the barbey’s done … grab yourself some more … soft buns and slaw

And this is what came out of the Weber and Big Green Egg


Beer can chicken

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