Did we really win?

So, the mighty Blues have made the AFL finals – did they deserve to be there? Who cares, the cards fell their way and they are in. Might only last a week but at least they are there.

Carlton has many traditional rivals, one they will be up against this weekend – Richmond; and the other gave up their spot in the eight through an attempt to better themselves through untested scientific experiments – Essendon.

Many say Carlton didn’t deserve to take Essendon’s spot – many hate Carlton and would say that no matter what. Maybe the Kangas were the better side and should have made it – but they didn’t, did they.

But it wasn’t easy for Carlton. They almost kicked themselves out of it – again. Essendon had the laugh when they came from behind to beat Carlton who had many more scoring shots but just could not get that ball through the big sticks. But that was all a snicker as Carlton came from nowhere to snatch the game against the Power. Carlton still couldn’t kick a goal, I felt like throwing stuff at the TV, but then came the last quarter and finally, Carlton kicked straight.

Great game. Bring on the Tiges this weekend – managed to get tickets (writing this there were only 427 left). The Blues have a good record against the Tigers but they were the Tigers of old and I’m not all that confident. But that’s what I thought last weekend, and a fortnight back when we came from behind to beat Richmond – and 1982.

Carlton’s comeback