24 hours in a day – and we saw them all

Day one for USA 2015 and it was a long one. Started well with excellent service from West Taxis, then smooth check-in, through customs – okay not all smooth as they have new baggage scanning systems and we were the guinea pigs. I didn’t mind the system as they allocate you to a spot, only problem the line we were in it was rejecting everyone’s carry-on except for mine 🙂 And then breakfast at the Qantas lounge – lots of free stuff in there. And one young guy was making the most of it packing his bag with stubbies. Lucky there was free stuff as our flight was delayed.

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And so the journey begins

Sitting here in the Qantas lounge having a nice breakfast – so much nicer than sitting out with the everyday citizens (not that there’s anything wrong with joe citizen). Anyways good taxi trip out here (west taxis are excellent), easy through check-in and border patrol – although slight hiccups in the bag screening as they had a new system and it was rejecting everyone’s carry-on (except for mine).

So the blog is back up and whenever you are bored you can go back into the archives and read about all the boring stuff I get up to. For the doggy people there are plenty of posts from previous conferences. I will aim to have this updated regularly and may even get to finish it – note I still have not finished my last trip from 2  years back, and I never will.