I Should Never Have Started the Ratings: Lafayette

Okay, I’ve been a little slack of late but hey, at least I can strum a few chords on the guitar now, which is keeping my spare time occupied. I find it kind of relaxing and enjoyable – just like Lafayette.

We didn’t really know Lafayette but didn’t have the time to go to New Orleans ¬†as we were making our way West (maybe if we hadn’t been there before we would have found the time). And one of the things we wanted to do this trip was to see the swamps. So, Lafayette it was.

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Thar’s Gators Out Thar

Kicking back at the swamp

The Atchafalayan Swamp is the largest in the United States and one of the highlights of this trip was to go on a swamp tour. And we did and it was a highlight.

The swamp area is not far from Lafayette at Breaux Bridge (parts of which are again quite historical – and we had excellent cajun at Cafe Des Amis). There are multiple swamp tour operators so we just picked one from the www (Cajun Country Swamp Tours) and it was good enough for us (great operators who do have a concern for the environment and are not there just for the tourist dollar).

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Lofty Heights

Left the quiet peacefulness of Natchez – and the no traffic – to travel south into Louisiana (hard one to spell) to Lafayette, which is west of New Orleans and Baton Rouge (we have done New Orleans before and with our schedule couldn’t fit it in this time). Lafayette sounded like a good place and is in cajun swamp land.

Before reaching the swamps we had a very interesting drive through Baton Rouge – we hadn’t had much traffic for a while and then all of a sudden it was like whacking a hornets nest with a cricket bat. Caroline loved the closeness of the “close-your-eyes-and-hit-the-accelerator” style of merging. And if you are in the wrong lane – you better rely on Mrs Garmin to set you back on track. (Luckily I did not have to put up with her nagging “re-calculating” only Caroline’s knuckles in the dashboard).

If you ever do come this way, make sure you stop in at the Visitor Centre near the Convention Centre out of Baton Rouge – so friendly and helpful. We traversed the 14 mile bridge over the swamps – stopped in at the visitor centre to watch a quick video on the swamps, grab a free coffee and see the diorama – then Lafayette for some accommodation bigger than our house.

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