Oh My Crikey Gee

And who woulda thunk that the novel I started publishing here would now become so topical. Well, I woulda thunk …

Every paper, every day, and the headlines scream of OMCG – wars between several of the groups – shooting up each others club houses, knee capping, brawling in the streets.

And the police out there, just doing their best.

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Bikie Wars

If you’ve been enjoying the TV series about the Milperra Massacre – Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms, then I am sure you will enjoy reading a few more chapters of my police v bikies v bikies v gangsters v police v police v gangsters v gangsters crime novel Code Nine.

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And the Story Continues …

Just in case any of you have been wondering about my crime novel Code Nine, here are three more chapters.

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Code Nine Returns

Just because someone asked (at least I know someone read the start of my novel) here are a few more chapters of Code Nine my unpublished police procedural. Keep reading because things really start to turn to crap from here. To find the earlier chapters click on Stories in the categories list.



Code Nine continues – chapter 4

If this is your first click then you better go back and check the earlier post on Code Nine, which contained the first three chapters of my unpublished crime novel – Code Nine.

There we met raw police recruit Peter Wallace who copped a body on his first day on the job – Bulldog Bob, a shady member of the outlaw motor cycle gang the Devil’s Eagles, who had a bum crack you could post a parcel down. Would end up in the dead letter office now.

In chapter four we start to see a little more of our secretive businessman – Angelo Ferrari – and more of the troubles of the police and bikers.

Read and enjoy – CHAPTER FOUR

Several years back I put finger to keyboard and came up with a police procedural novel – Code Nine. The story is set in the fictional bayside town of Kingston and follows the first week of new police recruit Peter Wallace as he steps from the police world of his dreams to that of reality. His first day and he cops a murder, an executed member of the Devil’s Eagles outlaw motorcycle gang. And from there, things don’t stop.

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Code Nine – Chapter One