Let’s Get These Ratings Finished: Dallas

To quote from that all-time classic¬†The Blues Brothers – “Well, this is it?”

Not that far off twelve months ago we embarked on our bars, beers, music, food and BBQ tour (with the dog trainers conference thrown in for a reason for travelling). By stretching out these ratings it brings back the memories. And for the final memory we have Dallas – key things to know about Dallas: have a car and have some time to use it. We had neither but still enjoyed ourselves, especially as we scored yet another hotel upgrade.

Accommodation – we stayed at the very, very nice Magnolia downtown. Loved the complementary beer and cookies, hotel staff were friendly and accommodating – the shuttle was a bonus and took us beyond the limits because we asked nicely. Would recommend this hotel with a 4.5 out of 5.

Food – this was such a long time ago I don’t remember everything but I do remember the excellent Mexican at the Iron Cactus (see the earlier tequila post), and first night we ate at some pub around the corner – typical pub. We didn’t venture but what we had was enough for a 3 out of 5.

Activities – there was probably quite a lot we didn’t see but 100% for the sixth floor museum and the Dealey Plaza. And Caroline wanted me to mention how disappointed she was with Nieuman Marcus (means nothing to me but I’m sure it means plenty to others). We were restricted without transport but didn’t really find enough to get us over a 2 out of 5.

X Factor – in my notes I have written “dead downtown”, and it was surprisingly quiet. We never went to Fortworth as again we were relying on shanks’ pony so I am sure there is plenty more than we saw but I can only give a 2 out of 5.

So that’s it folks. The end of the ratings as after Dallas we flew to LA then home. One day I may tally the scores or if you are very bored then you can look back through the older posts and add them up yourself.

Nearly Finished the Ratings – Austin

Austin, Texas is one of our favourites – we’ve been there before and will be there again. Search and have a read of some of the earlier posts, but because I started this, turn the page for Austin ratings.

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I Should Never Have Started the Ratings: Lafayette

Okay, I’ve been a little slack of late but hey, at least I can strum a few chords on the guitar now, which is keeping my spare time occupied. I find it kind of relaxing and enjoyable – just like Lafayette.

We didn’t really know Lafayette but didn’t have the time to go to New Orleans ¬†as we were making our way West (maybe if we hadn’t been there before we would have found the time). And one of the things we wanted to do this trip was to see the swamps. So, Lafayette it was.

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I Haven’t Forgotten the Ratings – Clarksdale

Without tallying the results, it would be obvious we really enjoyed Clarksdale, which is summed up nicely in the previous posts – too lazy to link so search Clarksdale and find them for yourself (there are several to choose from).

It had pretty much everything we were after – surprising accommodation, good food, good music, interesting things to see – but one thing we weren’t after and that put a literal damper on our two night stay – real crappy weather.

On the map I have put markers for Tupelo (the birthplace of Elvis is worthy of a marker) and two markers for where we stayed in Clarksdale.

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Back to the Ratings – Nashville

Nashville was a must do this trip and we weren’t disappointed. We were there only a few days but could quite easily have stayed a few more. We never used the car because there was enough by foot but this city deserves another check-in.

On the short drive from Memphis we decided to turn this into a long drive by taking a detour to the Shiloh National Military Park, which was covered in an earlier post. Again, the side-stop was worth it. We enjoyed this part of our trip – even the shuffling from one country station to the next on the radio (although Caroline had reached the stage of switching off Toby Keith).

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The Ratings are not Forgotten – Memphis

We went to Memphis on our first American trip about ten years back but it is worth a revisit. Our first visit was an experience – Graceland was the focus and is a must do; the Greyhound bus we had to catch from New Orleans to Memphis was also an experience but not one that needs to be repeated unless you want to travel with the poor, the backpackers or those just released from prison.

So this time there was no Greyhound bus and there was no Graceland. But there was still plenty on the go and I would still consider Memphis one of those places you should make an effort to visit.

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The Ratings Continue – Dallas Part 1

We did two trips to Dallas – the first was after a flight from San Diego so we could pick up a rental and prepare ourselves for our road trip. It was an overnight stop only but it is still worthy of a rating. (Or if you like, a layover as they are known in the States.)

It was that quick a stopover that the only photo I have is of the half eaten Texas shaped waffle and some comments way back in earlier posts – And Now It Begins and Deep in the Heart of Texas.

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The Ratings Commence – San Diego

As promised, we need to decide what was the best place we visited and if any of you care, this might save you asking. We kind of already have our favourites but putting this to a ratings system complies with international standards of statistical analysis of who/what is the best.

Ratings are out of 5 for each of: Accommodation, Food, Activities and the X Factor (included so we can rig the ratings – not that anyone would ever do that of course).

First up is San Diego. We have been to San Diego before and liked it so we we were happy to revisit. However, because I was conferencing for most of the week, it has made the ratings a little difficult but when we looked at the whole picture they probably reflect our experiences.

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