Signs, signs, everywhere a sign

And we thought we lived in a nanny State in Victoria. Here is a collection of some warning signs I have been taking during our travels.

I have a few more so will do another post later. Also have some more beer, more food, great shots from the Joshua Tree National Park (the desert), and other odds and bods.

Currently in LA after negotiating the freeways, leaving on Sunday (I’m writing this Thursday here) and with the date-line back in Melbourne Tuesday.

Time for a Story

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted some of my writing, so because a lot of you are off enjoying the holidays and maybe got something crappy for Christmas and want something better (or you got something really good but wished you had something crappy) or you’re bored and are sick of holiday TV, shopping malls and cricket or maybe you received something like an iPad (lucky bastard) and want to check out some reading or maybe you actually have been hanging out waiting for some stories – then this is the bumper post for you.

That’s right – bumper post. Not only do you get another instalment of Code Nine the unpublished crime novel about rookie cop Peter Wallace and the underworld battles between bent cops, outlaw motorcycle gangs, and the mysterious Italians; but you also get another of my short stories – Lost in Suburbia a very true-like story of domestic violence and despair in hot suburbia (you are supposed to feel the sweat in this story); and for a change of pace, one of my picture books written for a three to six year old – I Lost my Pants in the Middle of France (I loved writing this and if one of my gifted nieces reads it you are free to put the story to pictures, like your mother did for one of my other kid’s stories).

So, read on and enjoy.

CHAPTER TEN of the unpublished crime novel Code Nine – in this chapter police meet bikies

LOST IN SUBURBIA a short story about far too many people who are lost in suburbia – She tried to shrink into the couch. She wanted to be one of those things that always got lost under the cushions. But all she could manage was to be one of those things that got lost in suburbia. 

I LOST MY PANTS IN THE MIDDLE OF FRANCE – I hope you enjoy this as much as I did writing it.

Happy holidays 🙂


Code Nine Returns

Just because someone asked (at least I know someone read the start of my novel) here are a few more chapters of Code Nine my unpublished police procedural. Keep reading because things really start to turn to crap from here. To find the earlier chapters click on Stories in the categories list.



Petrol Drive-Off

Not sure why you’d not want to pay for your petrol it’s that cheap (around $3.30 a gallon – work it our for yourself) but I saw this on the pump when we filled up in Breaux Bridge. Interesting service station as attached was a casino (saw a few casinos but never went inside – maybe if the exchange rate was about triple what it is).

I do like the penalty but I also wonder how you could drive off without paying anyway as you either fill-up by swiping your card at the pump and never go inside to buy any of the specials or you go inside and leave some cash then go back and get your change – and some of the specials (and a six-pack :-)). Seems like a good idea but I couldn’t imagine our highly intelligent service station attendants figuring a system where they don’t have to jot down the regos of every car at the pump or ask if you’d like “chocolate – two for three dollar special”.

Anyways, we haven’t spent much on petrol and done about 2,300 mile – leaving plenty of money for all the important things like food and drink.

Vehicle impoundment

Read with interest an update on the anti-hoon legislation in Victoria – 1038 vehicles impounded over the past three months since the period of impoundment changed from 48 hours to 30 days. Sounds like a lot of cars and a lot of hoons – wonder how many don’t have their cars seized when they should have or because they just do not get caught.

Police Deputy Commissioner Kieran Walshe said the results were concerning but sent a strong message to would-be hoons – “This is outrageous behaviour on the state’s roads and places not only these motorists at risk, but other innocent road users … It’s concerning that 310 vehicles have been impounded for unlicensed driving. These are drivers that should not be on the road. If you have been suspended or disqualified from driving, it’s for a good reason.”

Sounds fair enough to me. But as a contrast, over in San Diego at the moment and front page of the news was the passing of a Bill to change the impound laws for seizing vehicles from unlicensed drivers because 30 days was seen to be too harsh.

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