Hope You Had a Good One … Mate!

Thursday January 26 2012 – Happy Australia Day 😀

So, did you get up to the traditional Aussie stuff – wear some thongs, drape an Australian flag out the window or on the car, wear some green and gold, watch the cricket, have your own game on the road out the front, fire up the barbie (as in BBQ and not the doll), kill off a few stubbies of VB, eat a baby lamb or one of our national animals, get excited because you have a day off and start to feel ill for the Friday sickie so you can have an extra long weekend, go to the beach or the park, go to some local celebration or even better a citizenship ceremony, or just kick back and do naff all wondering why you have a day off?

Well, I tried to cram in as much as I could – pity there was only a sprinkling of Australiana involved. Started on the Wednesday night when we went to the Espy in St Kilda (gets a tick) to see one of our friends in a local band (another tick) – Faith and Gasoline (check them out on youtube), this was after some very nice Asian at Chinta Blues and Asahi beer (no ticks there). A few after show beers at the Prince of Wales (another tick), drank Carlton draught (tick) in a pint (no tick) and finished with a Jack Daniels and dry (if it was with coke could almost have scored a tick as at the distillery they told us Australia is the third largest consumer of Jack Daniels).

Did the right thing and caught a cab home. Very friendly driver- has been driving cabs for about five years and settled here as a refugee from Ethiopea many years ago. Spent three years in a refugee camp before coming to Australia – some of his family went to USA, others Norway, but he loves Australia and finds it so safe and friendly (ticks all round).

Australia day very tired, walked the dogs, went back to bed, crumpets for breakfast (not really a tick) with the vegemite still in the cupboard (bad, bad) but I did have honey (okay, not as Aussie as vegemite but at least it’s traditional and you know what is in it). Lunch we headed to Pollywoodside (tick) but didn’t go on board (close to a tick) and ate at the Boatbuilders (tick) with a burger and fish and chips (two ticks there) but had a Pepsi (doesn’t count as a tick). Followed up by a look around DFO (they would love to give it a tick but I don’t think DFO earns a tick).

Home and went to the park with the dogs (tick) and a throw of the American football (no ticks there) but we did listen to the cricket in the car (tick – needs more Kerry O’Keefe and less Geoff Lawson). Still on the sport theme flicked on the Foxtel for a bit of ESPN USA sport (no ticks – can’t help it if I’m not really that enthused by tennis) and sat down to some very nice risotto (no ticks) and a catch-up on Deadwood (if Gus Mercurio was still alive he’d fit in well like he did in Cash & Co and Tandarra – look those up young-uns, these were about Australian Deadwoods so would have earnt a tick but because Deadwood is American there are no ticks).

And that was about it, excited to be Australian and knowing that I have the Friday off without taking a sickie – ready to put to use my new rotary hammer from Bunnings (tick).