The Ratings Commence – San Diego

As promised, we need to decide what was the best place we visited and if any of you care, this might save you asking. We kind of already have our favourites but putting this to a ratings system complies with international standards of statistical analysis of who/what is the best.

Ratings are out of 5 for each of: Accommodation, Food, Activities and the X Factor (included so we can rig the ratings – not that anyone would ever do that of course).

First up is San Diego. We have been to San Diego before and liked it so we we were happy to revisit. However, because I was conferencing for most of the week, it has made the ratings a little difficult but when we looked at the whole picture they probably reflect our experiences.

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Just a Walking the … Cheetah?

I had a great time at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park (just not long enough) and this zoo is really worth taking the trip out to. There are some great exhibits but one of the highlights is the running of the Cheetah.

There is a small grassed track where again for some entertainment for the punters and enrichment for the cheetah the keepers set up a lure and allow one of the cheetahs to do a 100 yard dash (or 330 feet to be more exact) after the lure. Blink and you miss it – I didn’t get this on video as I was too busy watching and trying not to blink. They are fast (fastest land animal) and the run only takes a few seconds.

Jim’s learning for the day (you need to learn something every day) is that the cheetah expends so much energy that it can only do one run and has to have a large meal afterwards – and then off to bed with their keeper – and canine companion.

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