No, this is a new trip

So, I forgot to finish our last trip to USA and it is now time for another trip. This time she’s only a short one to NY and Charleston.

And here’s the first 24 hours – well, not much there because that was on two planes. Melbourne to LAX, then LAX to JFK. However, first leg was very good as we scored a points upgrade to business class. Yes, well worth the extra room for a big guy like me. Second leg was premium economy but that was still good for sleeping. And 24 hours, maybe not quite accurate if you factor in airport travel and check-ins and flights of almost 19 hours it feels like so much more.

And first day in Williamsburg, across the river from Manhattan, was cold – about 9c at the most but pleasant. We did a bit of walking the hood after a big breakfast at Jimmy’s Diner then a ferry ride to DUMBO. We walked the Williamsburg Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge and had excellent Italian at Lilia’s, followed by after dinner drinks at Brooklyn Brewery, which is across the road from our hotel. Very enjoyable day – next visit is plane to Charleston.

Easy walking around, no dramas, lots of tourists (mostly at Brooklyn Bridge and DUMBO – down under Manhattan Bridge) – and cold ears. Easy ferry, which cost $5.50 for a two way. Back in a week for more exploring and being a tourist.