Almost done

Better get writing otherwise we’ll be home and I still won’t finish. Actually this is our last night in New York so yes, will be home in a few days due to time travel.

Had a great time in Charleston and it is such a contrast with the ever so busy and crowded and interesting New York. This second visit we stayed in Brooklyn and enjoyed it – much cheaper and less hectic than Manhattan. Traveling to Manhattan was easy on the subway or ferry. We became experts at the subway – they are busy but frequent and okay.

We had a great food hall a block from where we were staying so could eat there most days and have something different – and beer, which you could buy and walk around with.

Most of our time was spent on Manhattan where we did a lot of walking …. did I say a lot of walking? Man, my feet are sore. So much shopping, so many things to see, so much dodging Europeans. Kind of funny – hard to find someone whose first language was English (or American if you like).

We did the Staten Island ferry for a look at Statue of Liberty, saw the Empire State (have been up before so didn’t bother with that), visited the WTC 9/11 memorial site (quite moving – loved the people taking happy selfies), walked the Highline (the reclaimed old above ground freight rail which is now a walking trail), saw American Gothic painting at the Whitney (this was quite good), saw bits of Central Park, visited the Museum of Natural History (interesting), and saw many of different neighborhoods – still some things to see so may have to come back. Weather was wet one day and sunny the next but okay. Only annoying thing was European tourists – everywhere. They probably said the same thing about Australian tourists (although didn’t hear too many Aussie accents).

Enjoyed the trip. Can hardly wait to get home and back to work and the football and the dogs …well one out of three (and it’s not work).