Jacques’ back in Canada

Okay, so we left Canada a little while back – actually I’ve lost track of time but I think it was a week . . . or was it? But it doesn’t matter because I’m on holidays – woo-hoo!

Vancouver was a great little city that reminded me very much of Sydney and Melbourne – and it was more than just because we both have colourful money with the Queen’s head. But it was clean and everyone was so polite and the food was good and there was plenty of things to do.

It was easy to get around downtown and we especially liked the cycling – as previously mentioned we had free use of bikes from our hotel which was in downtown across the road from the hospital but you wouldn’t have known it – The Burrard. Only gripe the rooms weren’t real big and as this was an old hotel that had been done-up and the doors leaked noise from anyone walking past.

Courtyard of the Burrard Hotel, Vancouver

Courtyard of the Burrard Hotel, Vancouver


Note the bike lanes out the frontl

There’s quite a bit to do in Vancouver and we didn’t have time to see and do everything, especially with the day trip to Whistler but that was worth it. On a list of the top ten things to do in Vancouver we did two of them. But the bike ride around the sea wall was fun, even though we didn’t see everything there either, and we rode to the Amtrak and saw a bit of the downtown area by bike – even if we did get lost at one stage. There are plenty of different neighbourhoods, especially for dining and everything was within walking distance (or at least everything we saw).

Jimi Hendrix shrineI liked this tourist attraction – shrine to Jimi Hendrix as this was a cafe his grandmother used to run and young Jimmy sometimes used to call in. You need to read this link from tourism Vancouver to see how famous this little shack is/was.

Down by the harbour reminds me a bit of circular quay and docklands without the wind. Great place for wandering and enjoying the sunshine. This is also where the seas planes take-off and these are recommended – not by us as we didn’t go on them but our tour guide to Whistler said they were good fun and a great way to see things.

Anyway here are some more pictures (I haven’t titled them, maybe one day).

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