Highway 101 – North?: Let’s Go Niners, Let’s Go

Left Monterey Saturday morning and headed north to San Francisco. This is the third trip to San Francisco so have done the touristy things before; however, I did ride the cable trolley on a different route than previously – and found more hills.

San Francisco is hilly – damn hilly. It is also quite touristy but also quite pleasant. I like San Francisco and would go back there just to do nothing (although Caroline loves the shopping). Only problem is parking – we had the car so had to pay for parking at the hotel at a mere $54 a night. And we complain about the cost of parking in Melbourne!

We stayed down near the ferry terminal, which has an excellent market area and is also accessible to the main downtown area of Union Square via shanks pony or the tram or trolley. Another Kimpton Hotel, this time the Harbor Court, which was another nice Kimpton with the wine hour and if you can be bothered, warm milk and cookies at nine. This was a good hotel, although the concierge we mainly dealt with was maybe not as good as others; however, he did warn us to take a coat to the 49ers game.

The 49ers game – that’s pretty much why we took a detour to head back north to San Francisco, just to go to a game of NFL. However, for the atmosphere alone, this is well worth the diversion. I got the tickets when in Melbourne and scored magnificent seats amongst the 49ers faithful (die-hards) seven rows from the front. The game was not great as it was very defensive but the atmosphere was electric, even if the only thing the 49ers shouted all day was Deeefence! And after the 49ers played a rather shitful offensive game (their QB had his worst performance ever) they were jeered from the ground just like Richmond after a loss.

It was also quite historical as this is the last season the 49ers will be playing at this home ground – Candlestick Park. It reminded me so much of the old Princes Park (almost a tear in the eye). No nacho hats but plenty of food options and at the ultra-huge mark-up options as in Melbourne. For those interested in nostalgia and can remember the MCG as far back as me, they also had a peanuts man who I reckon was so similar to the one from the MCG (except as an added bonus he also sold popcorn).

Our only problem for the day was getting to and from the stadium. It is a fair way out of town and the only real option is the bus. Getting there is usually a pretty good express run; however, it was also the day before Veteran’s Day (11/11) so the street was blocked for the veterans day march, which meant no buses could get through until after the march. This caused a lot of angst amongst those waiting, a group even hijacked a hotel shuttle. We waited it out – $4 return is good value on the bus and it was easy to get into the ground – bag searches like the G but also the wand. But getting home, well that had memories of leaving the old Waverley. Trying to find the end of the queue for our bus, then actually waiting for the bus. It took a long time and we were glad we brought the coats as it got effing cold out there. But anyway, we eventually made it on a bus, back downtown ready for an easy night with checkout Monday morning for a trip back down the 101 to Ventura.

Here’s a collection of shots from San Francisco and the football

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  1. Liz the sister says:

    Fred, knew who the teams were…he is a Tennessee Titans fan. Sorry no,nacho hats, but a peanut man makes up for it.

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