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Sitting here in the Qantas lounge drinking a complimentary Allagash White out of Portland, Maine, and I think it is about time I tell you about the beers from the Portland we visited in Oregon.

brewvanaAs previously mentioned, Portland is known by many names one if which is Brewvana. Here’s a note from inside our lift.

I wondered how many of those 154 brewing companies I could sample the wares of over three days. Well, as it turned out, not too many. We did have to do other things in Portland as well. As earlier mentioned, Oregon is tax-free and there’s some pretty good shopping to do, even bought myself this and they shipped home to Australia for me.

But I thought I’d have to try a few beers. What I have not included in this list is the six-pack of mixed stubbies from Whole Foods – $1.99 a stubby if interested. So, I only had time for beers from six different breweries but a total of 20 different beers.

The Kimpton here was much better as they had beer during their free wine reception hour – a seasonal winter beer from the Widmer Brothers known as Brrrrr Seasonal Ale. It was pretty good and it was free. The seasonal beers are quite popular from the breweries over here, such as the pumpkin beers I mentioned earlier, they are also now brewing beers for winter, which tend to be darker and maybe hoppier and maltier to keep you warm in winter. The last beer I paid for in America was a Samuel Adams winter ale and it was excellent, but that was in Los Angeles nowhere near Portland so back to Portland.

We visited three brew pubs here. The first we also ate at and it was great as it was special night because they were launching a beer related TV show that night so everyone got some free spicy popcorn and marshmallows (excellent). So we got a table after about a half hour wait (which didn’t matter as we kind of expected that) and straight away Jim went for the taster flight. The Deschutes Brew Pub have several different flights to sample so Caroline joined in and we enjoyed a different flight each, sampling twelve different beers (and that was only a small number). The list is packed away somewhere so have a look at the photos instead, also enjoy the photo of my magnificent burger just like I enjoyed eating it.

So, that filled one night. I mentioned before there was some good eating in Portland. Our favourite, and maybe the best meal of the trip, was at Tasty n Alder. No pictures but I can still taste Caroline’s perfect steak and my magnificent lamb kofta. Here, I went for a Breakside Brewery IPA, which went very well with the spice of the kofta.

Another night and we went to another of Portland’s good eating establishments, the Clyde Common, which had very pretty food but not a shade on that from Tasty n Alder for taste. But because it was pretty I took a photo – Caroline went for the ravioli and I went for the steak. Not sure if you have ever seen the comedy Portlandia (quite amusing) but there is an episode there where the waiter tells them all about the pig that is on the menu, i..e where it came from, where it lived, how it was raised, it’s name, if they would like to go and visit – anyway, our waiter was not far from this. And to accompany I went for a Commons Brewery Farmhouse Ale.IMG_0816 IMG_0817


And while walking around Portland we also visited the Lucky Labrador Brewery where I went for a pale ale. Not bad, great place too. Here’s a couple of shots.




And that brings me to the last of Portland – another flight this time at the Hair of the Dog Brew House. Here’s a gallery and I took a photo of what was on the flight here. Also note the price of the beer in the other photo – I was tempted …


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