Fancy Hanks

So, Jim is not very good at writing posts and then finishing the posts he started on his holiday many months ago. I still owe a few more beer posts and we haven’t even reached LA yet, even though we left there six months back. Maybe I’ll get back to keeping things up to date … maybe.

And maybe I won’t …

But I do remember one of my interests is BBQ and I have noticed that Melbourne is welcoming the USA slow-cooked BBQ as opposed to the Australian grill till you burn style of BBQ.

One that I have visited and enjoyed is Fancy Hanks (nothing on the website but check out the Facebook page). This is a place that could easily be in Texas – the Mercat upstairs is a great setting with trestle tables and food coming served on trays and butcher paper.

We went for the ribs, brisket, pulled pork sandwich, potato salad and beans with burnt ends. All was excellent. The beans were warm, filling, smokey and tasty. I really enjoyed the chunky potato salad and the brisket and pulled pork. In fact all was worth a second visit – maybe even a third or fourth. If anything, maybe the ribs weren’t up there with the many I have had before. The sauce was  quite tangy and flavoursome but I was seeking maybe more of a rub on the ribs. They fell from the bone with an excellent smoke ring and were very good, just not as good as others (maybe I am judging too harshly because the last lot I smoked up were some of the best I have tasted).

If someone asked me is Fancy hank’s worth the visit – it is a definite yes. I loved it – even the bluegrass player and the bar is pretty good too (although it had sweet tea I would really have liked some homemade lemonade).


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