24 hours in a day – and we saw them all

Day one for USA 2015 and it was a long one. Started well with excellent service from West Taxis, then smooth check-in, through customs – okay not all smooth as they have new baggage scanning systems and we were the guinea pigs. I didn’t mind the system as they allocate you to a spot, only problem the line we were in it was rejecting everyone’s carry-on except for mine 🙂 And then breakfast at the Qantas lounge – lots of free stuff in there. And one young guy was making the most of it packing his bag with stubbies. Lucky there was free stuff as our flight was delayed.



Anyways we made it onto the top deck for our premium economy flight. Excellent it was too – Qantas seems to have made a few changes since the last time we did this trip. And all in our favour too – yay Qantas.

Lots of entertainment watching – like I did nearly all of Better Call Saul (no wonder I’m tired). And snacks and drinks and even port after dinner. Why bother trying to sleep.

Pity our plane was late leaving Melbourne because that then meant we were late arriving at LAX. Now that would usually mean joining queues in a panic knowing you will miss your connecting flight and will your luggage end up at the same place. However, Qantas had arranged an express connection, i.e. given a special envelope with your boarding pass printed up. And the extra special was you could avoid the queues and join mini-queues with the others wondering if they will make their connecting flight in time.

Anyway we did, no time to waste around LAX (pity about that – not!). Caroline was sitting elsewhere and I had an aisle seat on the full AA to Dallas. But we got there. Stinking hot which hits as soon as you walk out the door. Grab a taxi, which was okay except when it came time to pay – “haven’t you got cash?” – we are in the USA, of course I ain’t got cash unless you want some Australian plastic but colourful money which is not worth that much anyway. I know why he only wanted cash, no credit card machine – all done on the old handwritten docket and rang through. Perhaps cash is easier to pocket?

Checked in, nap before the complimentary snacks and drinks in the bar (gotta love hotels that do that – something missing in Australia like free wi-fi). Then a walk, good dinner and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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