Cowboys part two

You visit DFW, you must visit the Stockyards. This is kind of like Sovereign Hill and is the tourist mecca. But also hard to tell if the locals go there as well just for some fun on a Saturday afternoon. There are so many people walking around in cowboy gear – and I’d be pretty certain a fair majority of those were non-Texans. There is the customary get your drink and walk around the streets, a rodeo (which we did not attend), the original stockyards (hence the name), plenty of eating and drinking places, Harley Davidson’s cruising, and the parade.

Well, not really a parade it is a simulation of the herding of cattle down the street from the stockyards. If there were that many cattle in the olden days, there would never have been a Maccas. It’s okay to see the long-horns and cowboys but like a few other tourist parades – blink and you miss it (think those ducks in Memphis). However, if in this part of town you gotta visit.

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