Cowboys part 3

Now this was to be the highlight of DFW – Dallas Cowboys v New England Patriots at AT&T Stadium. This is American Football if you don’t know what this is. I know there are many who don’t like the game because it is so stop-start and they don’t understand the rules and they wear too much padding. But me, I reckon it’s a great game that can be won or lost in a blink of the eye (or about the length of the Stockyards parade in my earlier post).

I purchased the tickets quite some time ago through Ticketmaster ticket exchange where ticket holders sell their tickets for a price they set. This stadium is one the best in the world, this game was a highlight game (Patriots are the current champions with some the game’s greatest players and the Cowboys are a bit like Collingwood). Tickets were not cheap so I spent that little bit more and secured some seats in their club level – think Medallion Club at Etihad.

No way were we disappointed with seating arrangements. Padded seats, drink holders, great view, room between seats, eye level with the megatron scoreboard (check out the photos), our own exclusive bars and entrance to the ground. Worth the extra – only disappointment being if a Cowboy’s supporter the game was not very good – the Cowboys currently having injuries to their two best in QB Tony Romo and Wide Receiver Dez Bryant – but I am not a Cowboys supporter so for sheer entertainment this trip rated real high. The crowd participation (for most of the game at least) and atmosphere rated as high as the closing minutes of the 1979 AFL Grand Final (if a Carlton supporter you will know what I’m talking about, especially if like me you were there).

This was also our taste of Uber and I have to say – excellent. We had no idea of how to get to the game without a car (there is no public transport out that way, a bit like the old Waverley ground). Those we spoke to suggested Uber. So I joined up and it was simple, clean, safe, and reasonably priced. Simple t0 get to the game; after the game we walked a bit because leaving was also like the old Waverley and a grid-lock (the major league baseball was on at the neighbouring stadium) and found a land-mark, made the call and the driver found us. Great and save a lot of worry.

So a good afternoon out. And then for to a road-trip to Austin.


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