Nashville in October

An early morning trip from our downtown Dallas Hotel to the airport. Dallas airport is big – you gotta know which terminal to get dropped at. We wanted terminal E, unfortunately an Australian E sounds too much like an American A – or an American A means a few more dollars when all along it was American E. Learning experience, taxis and airports = money. This extra few minutes also added to what we thought would be ample time at the airport to “why don’t you have more people checking bags”. Our we would have time to grab some breakfast at the airport ended up being no time for nothing. The flight out of Dallas was fine with AA, except as we are not their frequent flyers we get whatever seat allocation is left which means I was close to the front and Caroline was in the last row. Not too much of a problem except we again had no time for nothing at our interchange at Charlotte and our terminal being nowhere near the one we landed at. Again a very nice flight this time on American Eagle.

Landed at the very peaceful, laid back, relaxed Nashville and yes, went for the taxi + airport, which was actually very good. We were staying in the Vanderbilt area, which is about half an hour walk from what Nashville is renown for – honky tonk bars and country music. We’d done Nashville before so didn’t need to hit the bars – we could stay up our end of town, which is the university end of town so plenty of bars of its own. Our hotel was the Aloft which is a hipster kind of place and very nice – that nice the maid did not even take our tip. But the barmaid did add a couple of beers to our tab which I’d already paid cash for – she was very apologetic and the jack daniels pour made up for it.

dylan cashDid the exercise thing and walked downtown where we had to the visit the Country Music Hall of Fame. We’d been here before last visit but had to do it again – there was a special exhibit on Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and other cool cats. This is a great museum – plenty for everyone. Nashville is pretty walkable; however, they are doing more construction than in the outer burbs of Melbourne and fair dinkum, I got pretty sick and tired having to cross the road because the side-walk was closed. Had to fit in some boot looking time, there are so many shops to choose from, each with their own discounts (several have buy one pair – get two for free, great bargain if you wanted to pack three pair of boots – not me – funny story I left off before at Dallas airport when going through the screening Caroline and I both got pulled aside, Caroline had the TomTom dash mount which looked like explosives and I had a baggage scale which looked like an ancient weapon – anyway, one pair of boots is heavy, let alone three and how the hell are they gonna fit in the bag.)

Finished up the first day walking around the Gulch area which is a bit like South Yarra. Went to a boot shop there just to have a look as they have the best boots you can get and no discount (Lucchese – look ’em up) – Caroline picked up a pair – $4000 – and no discount! You’d want more than three pair for that price.

legendsNext day we hit downtown and my highlight, the recently opened Johnny Cash museum. I was just smiling, I wanted to buy one of everything in the souvenir store. Bugger the boots – well not true, I actually found a good pair for me and they offered a monetary discount not more boots (kind of funny because you still pay the retail with the discount anyway through the built in mark-up).

pinewood socialI was carting around my boots in their “discount” boots bag when we ventured to a place where celebrities and beautiful people go – Pinewood Social Club. Really nice place and good food, even has a bowling alley but the girl out the front must have something against cheap boots or a stick so far up her backside she was walking like a paddle pop. Should have bought the $4k pair.

That’s pretty much it for Nashville Part 1 as we hit here at the end of the trip. Picked up our car from Avis (bought my own TomTom this time if you read back on last trip’s posts you will understand why) – a nice Buick with leather and sunroof – an upgrade. I tend to book the car under the one I actually want knowing (or maybe hoping) that generally they will offer an upgrade at a price much less than what you would have paid originally.

And the road trip begins.

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