There’s More to Nashville Than Music

Well, there isn’t actually too much more to Nashville than music. However, if you don’t like all types of music – country and western – then maybe this is not your place. But if you have the slightest liking, then again, another highly recommended location.

Jacks BBQ NashvilleAnd not only is there music everywhere, even at the traffic lights where music is piped, we found another great BBQ place – Jack’s BBQ.┬áThe ribs are getting better. Jacks is on honky-tonk row and is one of those more traditional BBQ joints where you line up, order what you want, pay, grab your sauces then grab a seat. And cheap.



We had a bit of a sample of the pork shoulder, brisket, chicken and ribs and while the chicken and brisket were perhaps a tad dry, the ribs were those that fall from the bone. They didn’t have that porky taste and I felt they just melted in your mouth.

There were five sauces we tried – Kansas City (which is the sweet and my favourite if making it back home), Nashville, Texas, Carolina and a combined – each had different flavours ranging from hot and tomato (Nashville) to hot and mustard (Carolina). I wasn’t a fan of the sides – slaw and greens but Caroline went the slaw and mac and cheese and she didn’t mind them. I prefer a more creamy slaw, this was a bit fresh for me. Overall, the rib score is 4.5 out of 5 (Caroline said I went out too early on the high scores so I have to leave room to move).

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