Several years back I put finger to keyboard and came up with a police procedural novel – Code Nine. The story is set in the fictional bayside town of Kingston and follows the first week of new police recruit Peter Wallace as he steps from the police world of his dreams to that of reality. His first day and he cops a murder, an executed member of the Devil’s Eagles outlaw motorcycle gang. And from there, things don’t stop.

Metho watched as Dave Gully ran back to the police van, looking like it’d just been spat out of a front loading Fisher and Paykel. He turned the ignition off. It was cold and quiet outside. He could hear the ticking of the engine as it cooled; the groans coming from the police van. There was glass scattered on the roadway, and pieces of blue and red reflector.

He picked the mike up and pressed the transmitter. His voice was jumpy, like an old 78 with a scratch running through the opening tracks. ‘Kings — Kingston 250.’

The operator came back, he hadn’t heard anything about the chase for the last minute. ‘Go ahead 250.’

‘Kingston 250…Kingston 250 we need an ambulance…urgent…’

‘What’s the problem 250?’

‘The van’s come to grief. Just get an ambulance. We’re, we’re at the corner of Perry and Hutton Roads.’

‘Roger that. What’s the situation with the offender and injuries?’

Metho didn’t know what to say. He got out of the police car. He felt sick. He started towards the van, slow at first but then quickening his pace. The portable radio attached to his belt was crackling away. He wasn’t listening. Too many questions thought Metho. Too many questions.

He put a hand on Dave Gully’s shoulder and bent to look inside the van.

Sergeant Geoff Methorst, father of three, policeman for fourteen years, spun and heaved his guts all over the grassed edge of the roadway.

For your reading pleasure and my delight in self-publishing on the web I will be posting a chapter a week (or planning to at least). You are either going to keep on coming back or go off and read a real book.

So, here is chapter one – enjoy CODE NINE – CHAPTER ONE

and just because this is a first and it’s been raining all day and the weather is going to continue to be terrible, spoil yourself with chapters two and three – woo hoo!





Code Nine – Chapter One

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