Writing is something I have always enjoyed – some say I was pretty good at it. But writing is also very subjective. I have had a few short stories published and even got paid for one submission – that was a good feeling getting a check in the mail. And in a way I have kind of made a bit of a career as a policy writer.

One of my writing highlights was putting together a football club newsletter – the Krusher Khronicle for the Oakleigh Amateur Football Club. This was no ordinary two page newsletter it was more like a mini-newspaper with a huge following, particularly one of the regular items The Fat Lady. As this blog progresses I might delve into the archives and relive some moments from the Fat Lady and let you judge whether the Fat Lady should have been brought before the Victoria Amateur Football Association for gross misconduct, which she was many years ago. I haven’t been involved with the mighty Oakleigh Krushers for a while now but the Krusher Khronicle still lives – without the Fat Lady unfortunately or maybe fortunately.

I am going to use this blog as an opportunity to get my creative mind going again and also to showcase (or at least put on public display) some of my pieces of fiction from over the years. Many of the posts come from stories I wrote when completing my Diploma of Arts in Professional Writing and Editing at the Box Hill TAFE. I will also be posting a crime novel I put together – chapter a week probably.

Most of my writing is crime based but many of my short stories are meant to get your emotions working. They are about the people who live next door – some with the blinds closed, others with your eyes closed. When I was doing my diploma course someone said my stories reminded him of Raymond Carver – I felt pretty huffed about that but you make up your own mind. To me, they are stories that are meant to make you think about what your next door neighbour is up to or what happened last night to that person sitting opposite you on the train or in front of you at the checkout.

And other stories are meant for a bit of fun – that’s if you like Dexter that is.

My inspirations came from various writers – Joseph Wambaugh, Eddie Bunker, Stephen King, Robert Ludlum and James Ellroy to name a few. Standout books are The Stand (Steven King), The Choirboys (Joseph Wambaugh), The Grapes of Wrath (John Steinbeck – I did that book at school and received 100% for an essay, something I have never achieved since), L.A. Confidential (James Ellroy) and the Bourne series from Robert Ludlum. I didn’t actually know who Raymond Carver was when I was told about him but I have since read his works and I wish I did write like him – fantastic everyday stories about everyday people – loved Short Cuts (and the movie).

I hope you like my works of fiction – all copyrighted to myself so please let me know if you want to publish any. And you can even let me know if you don’t like them – reminds me of workshopping when we had to critique each other’s work and you had to say what could be improved rather than just “I like it.”

To find the stories I have published on this blog select Stories in the categories list.



He knew he was

in trouble when,

in the middle of the poem,

he found himself


for his thesaurus

and then Webster’s

in that order.

[Raymond Carver - No Heroics, Please]

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