Goodbye Fort Worth – Hello Austin

About a week back as I type this we left Fort Worth and picked up a rental to take us down the highway to Austin. No surprises there really as we have ventured to Austin previously and really enjoy it. But before we got to Austin we had to drive on by to visit a bucket list – the Salt Lick BBQ. This place always rates highly as far as Texas BBQ goes and this visit we made it a priority (well, it was quite easy with a car as we could cruise on past Austin, visit the Salt Lick for a BBQ feast, then back to Austin.

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Nearly Finished the Ratings – Austin

Austin, Texas is one of our favourites – we’ve been there before and will be there again. Search and have a read of some of the earlier posts, but because I started this, turn the page for Austin ratings.

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Not the Broussards

This would mean absolutely nothing to any of you (the Broussards, not the picture which is pretty clear) but for our stay in Austin the Broussards meant a lot. It started when we went to Caroline’s local (well it was her local when she last stayed in Austin) Little Woodrow’s and found that one corner was booked out from 7pm for the Broussards. We sat in the Broussard’s spot, had a couple, then the waitress came and changed the reservation to 5.30pm but we weren’t quite ready to go. Bloody Broussards, so we shifted into the sun and waited for them. Turns out they needed to get there early because they were doing one hell of a set-up for a wedding or engagement party. Banners, table settings, candles, ribbons, table settings, photos, even monogrammed stubby holders.

But this post is really about the fine dining we did in Austin – well, we had good intentions for some fine dining, which ended up being a couple of treks up South Congress (SOCO), East 6th St, and some “would-like-to-be” fine dining downtown.

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The Home of BBQ

Well, I don’t know which place is the real home of BBQ but Memphis, Kansas City, The Carolinas, and Texas are the crowd favourites. Each has their own characteristics (a lot to do with the rub, when to apply the rub, and the sauce – if needed at all). Texas was the first place I tasted real BBQ when a local took us to one of the real BBQ places on our first visit to Austin several years back – that’s when I fell in love with BBQ ribs and sauce and pulled pork and have been trying to replicate or come up with my own flavours ever since (some are successes, others maybe not so good but no-one has died yet).

So on this trip to Texas going to BBQ was a priority – but which one was more of a problem. There is an excellent iPhone app put out by Texas Monthly who rate the top 50 BBQ places in Texas. The other problem is man can not live on pork ribs alone so obviously we couldn’t go everywhere everyday so we limited to one on the first day and one on the second (we were at the football on the third but more on that later – hook ’em horns).

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