Cowboys part 3

Now this was to be the highlight of DFW – Dallas Cowboys v New England Patriots at AT&T Stadium. This is American Football if you don’t know what this is. I know there are many who don’t like the game because it is so stop-start and they don’t understand the rules and they wear too much padding. But me, I reckon it’s a great game that can be won or lost in a blink of the eye (or about the length of the Stockyards parade in my earlier post).

I purchased the tickets quite some time ago through Ticketmaster ticket exchange where ticket holders sell their tickets for a price they set. This stadium is one the best in the world, this game was a highlight game (Patriots are the current champions with some the game’s greatest players and the Cowboys are a bit like Collingwood). Tickets were not cheap so I spent that little bit more and secured some seats in their club level – think Medallion Club at Etihad.

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